Witnessing a Reunion

Working with antiques I often wander the aisles of the mall wondering about the stories and people behind the many items there.  What have they witnessed?  Who was the person that previously owned it?  Why is it no longer in their possession?

On Friday I got to answer all of those questions in relation to an Army duffle bag.  It seemed like just an ordinary canvas bag when I saw it on the shelf for Mike but it turns out it was Mike’s actual Army duffle bag when he was in the 8th Regiment.  It had his Army number…his name…in his handwriting.  A one in a million shot right?  Who gets reunited with their Army duffle bag after they have completed their years of service and turned it in?  Turns out Mike finished his service in the 60s and just had to buy the bag back.

Thanks Mike for coming and sharing your story with all of the staff at the Freelton Antique Mall.  It was an extreme honour and pleasure to help you.